Nago Yoga in Little Haiti

Nago Yoga has two locations, one in Little Haiti and one in South Beach.   Nago Yoga is the creation of Janet Meier and  it is a combination of traditional Yoga Poses, Warrior Poses, and African Dance.  Janet is also  trained in URBAN ZEN  INTEGRATIVE THERAPY.  Urban Zen is  a new program designed to change the present healthcare paradigm to treat the person through self-care. Amazingly, she is all that and a yoga therapist, healthcare practitioner, and yoga researcher.  and there is more……….
She has taught Nago Yoga at Old Town School, Cheetah Gym, and Equinox.  She also holds a BA in Liberal Arts with a focus in dance from Columbia College. Nago Yoga  wants to help you on your yoga journey. This is for everyone!!!  Janet believes that yoga  should be affordable and accessible.  
 A free Yoga class  is offered on Thursday Nights at the Little Haiti Cultural Center made possible by Public Space Challenge (the Miami Foundation),and Bayfront Park (Miami), and  the Health Foundation (South Florida).  Yoga mats  are provided.  At her yoga classes in South Beach, the first class is complimentary.  
  • see schedule for all of her classes 

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